Historic provisional agreement reached in Zurich for Turkish Cypriot Footballers

Leader of the Turkish Cypriot Football Association (CTFA) Hasan Sertoğlu has today (5.11.13) signed a historic (provisional) agreement with his Cyprus Football Assocation (CFA) counterpart Costakis Koutsokoumis, and Michel Platini and FIFA head Sepp Blatter after ongoing talks at the FIFA HQ in Zurich.

Under the arrangement, the CTFA becomes a member of the CFA as an association in accordance with the CFA’s statutes and regulations. Furthermore, the CFA will continue to be a member of FIFA and UEFA as well as the governing body responsible for organising, servicing and administering football in Cyprus and for all international football activities in the country. Both parties agreed on the setting up of a steering committee to work towards implementing the arrangement.

The arrangement, which is based on the FIFA and UEFA statutes and only concerns football-related matters, aims to unify and facilitate the progress of football within the football communities on the island of Cyprus through a relationship based on trust, mutual respect and goodwill.

Blatter added “Both the Cyprus Football Association and the Cyprus Turkish Football Association are today providing the whole world with an excellent example of how football can build bridges and bring people together after a long period of conflict. I would like to thank both associations and UEFA for their outstanding contribution to this milestone arrangement.”

Embargoed! Secretary Suzanne Nuri viewed today’s developments with cautious optimism. She said “We welcome the news that a provisional agreement has been signed. Clearly there is a myriad of issues to be ironed out and we hope the negotiators are able to navigate these in a way, which maintains equality for our Turkish Cypriot football teams. We would invite Hasan bey to meet with Embargoed! representatives so the only NGO group dedicated to campaigning against the embargoes can have a direct input into the negotiations.”