Embargoed! Members Attend the third World Congress of Turkish Cypriots

MEMBERS of Embargoed!’s executive committee were invited to attend the third World Congress of Turkish Cypriots in North Cyprus last month (November).

Chair Fevzi Hussein and Secretary Suzanne Nuri along with Embargoed! members John Oakes and Izzet Sinan (invited independently),all made the trip to North Cyprus on 21 November where the Congress was held at the Acapulco Convention Hotel near Girne.

The Congress which drew Turkish Cypriots from around the world, lasted for three days and featured a range of speakers on a variety of topics. Fevzi Hussein’s speech to Congress, which included the short 5 minute video about our Turkish Cypriot Olympic Project (TCOP), was very well received with many delegates speaking about the content of his presentation to him afterwards.

John Oakes addressed the Congress with his opening comments being spoken in Turkish. Izzet Sinan gave a presentation to Congress on the merits of ex-pat voting rights and also sat as an expert panel member which took in a discussion on the same subject.

Among the notable speakers were Lord Sharkey and Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece who briefly addressed the delegates on the Saturday, and there were speeches on the opening day from TRNC President Dervis Eroglu and former President Mehmet Ali Talat. A speech by the Speaker of the TRNC Parliament Dr Sibel Siber was also well received.

Embargoed! attended most of the main sessions of the Congress and uniquely were the only group to constantly Tweet and update Facebook with pictures and comments on proceedings. Chair Fevzi Hussein said “We are proud to have represented Embargoed! at such an event but it is sad that this Congress does not seem to have any links to the TRNC Foreign Ministry as the views and opinions expressed by ex-pat Turkish Cypriots would have been useful to hear. Nonetheless, we did pass a letter to the Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami explaining about our campaigns.” Fevzi added that the opportunities to network at such an event were invaluable as was the opportunity to get Embargoed!’s  messages about current campaigns and past achievements across to new audiences.