Embargoed! meets Conifa to help facilitate the London World Cup 2018!

Fahri Zihni, Chair of Embargoed!, was delighted to meet Sascha Düerkop, General Secretary of Conifa to offer our support for the Conifa World Cup 2018 football tournament in London. This is a tournament which gives a platform to all the “unrecognised” people of the world.

He said “The two co-founders of Conifa, Sascha Düerkop and Per-Anders Blind seriously need to be considered for a Nobel Peace Prize for their work. They have done so much to include the excluded, to give visibility to the forgotten, and create an environment of unity, friendship and camaraderie through the platform of “the beautiful game”, football, to so many people from all around the world. This is phenomenal!”

He added “I know from my conversations with many UK Turkish Cypriots that they just can’t wait to see their homeland team compete!”

Northern Cyprus is one of the favourites to win the Cup. So the message from Embargoed! is: “Go out and support Northern Cyprus and all the other teams and have a great fun day out for the whole family!”.