Your membership of entitles you to influence how Embargoed! works and what it does. You can cast a vote at Annual General Meetings for the election of Committee Members, nominate someone to these positions or be nominated by others.

Your membership shows the international community there is huge support for this campaign. At the same time, your annual membership subscription will provide vital funds that cover the organisation's administrative and campaign costs.

Once you join Embargoed! you will receive:

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Membership of Embargoed! is not exclusive to Turkish Cypriots. It is open to all persons and organisations that wish to help the group realise its objectives. Our membership base has always been ethnically diverse, including people of African-Caribbean, Chinese, English, German, Irish, Jewish, Kashmiri, Indian, and Welsh origin.

So join the Embargoed! family today and make a positive difference!

Last Update:
12th Jan 2018