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All Change at Embargoed!

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All Change at Embargoed!’


5 May 2015: Fahri Zihni, a former Acting Chair of the Embargoed! Human Rights group was elected unopposed as the new Chair at the group’s AGM held at the Turkish Cypriot Community Association in Haringey yesterday.

Highlighting his plans for Embargoed! for the forthcoming term, the new Chair said that whilst he recognised the resource constraints under which the Group will be operating, the  starting point would be to re-engage with membership, and people directly affected by embargoes. The group will continue with the existing work on the sporting embargoes and contribute to embargo related discussions in the traditional and social media. It will also seek to influence the European Union and the British Governement to effect policy change. Fahri is joined by respected human rights activist Esat Mustafa, community activist Muhsin Mustafa and the former Liberal Democrat Councillor John Oakes, who will take up Treasurer, Secretary and EU Liaison roles respectively.


The meeting was addressed by Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece as guest speaker. The Baroness said “I’m happy to support the ongoing efforts of Embargoed!, who have worked tirelessly over many years to highlight the inequality, isolation and plight of Turkish Cypriots. I pay tribute to the efforts of the outgoing team, and Chair Fevzi Hussein, who have worked hard to end the unfair embargoes imposed on Turkish Cypriots during the course of the last two years. I congratulate the new Executive Team in their new appointment and wish them well for the future.


The last couple of years have thrown a number of challenges, but the annual report demonstrated the strength and capability of the group as it continued to involve itself in a number of lobbying initiatives. These included the Hellim issue, supporting Turkish Cypriot author Sibel Hodge who was the victim of malicious book reviews, Turkish Cypriot Olympic Campaign (TCOP) and the big 50th anniversary of the embargoes.


Outgoing Chairperson Fevzi Hussein spoke of his hopes for a solution in Cyprus but said   "people back home need to up their game if they really want to see progress on ending the isolation of our people.”


The AGM was given an exclusive viewing of the 50 Years of Isolation project campaign promotional video, which was created by film director Dowan Ahmet. 



Fahri Zihni, BSc, MBA




Turkish Cypriots- embargoed since 1964

Released on 18/06/2015

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