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17/06/2013: The TRNC has its first female Prime Minister

The Republican Turkish Party’s (CTP) Dr Sibel Siber makes history as North Cyprus’ first female Prime Minister, heading an interim coalition... MORE>>

04/06/2013: Greek Cypriots press on with sole EU ‘halloumi/hellim’ application

Cyprus cheese, known as “hellim” in Turkish and ‘halloumi’ in Greek, is a matter close to all Cypriots’ hearts. Greek Cypriot... MORE>>

01/06/2013: Demopolous case holds firm in latest European Cyprus court property ruling

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg found against Meleagrou & Others in their case against Turkey. Launched in 2010, the outcome of the... MORE>>

04/03/2013: 4th March 1964 – when the embargoes on Turkish Cypriots first started

Many people mistakenly believe Turkish Cypriots came under embargo following the 1974 war or because they declared the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in... MORE>>

25/02/2013: Turkish Cypriot tour operator barred from National Wedding Show

UK based Green Island Holidays (GIH) – one of the oldest and biggest tour operators serving North Cyprus – was barred from having a stand at the... MORE>>

21/02/2013: Bigoted North London councillor exposed

Embargoed! members were among those to complain to Enfield Council and the police about offensive online comments made by councillor Chris Joannides. The issue... MORE>>

14/02/2013: Islamic states recognise political equality of Turkish Cypriots

TRNC President Dervis Eroglu left Cairo a happy man following the Twelfth Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC) that concluded on 7 February.... MORE>>

24/01/2013: Balls to embargoes! Yes, football is back on the Cyprus agenda

The heads of the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) and the Turkish Cypriot Football Association (KTFF) met on 17th January to discuss plans to unify football... MORE>>

23/01/2013: EU botch up over Hellim/Halloumi response

The EU’s Agricultural Department got itself into an electronic mess today when issuing its official response to people that had contacted them over the... MORE>>

19/01/2013: British Turks join international solidarity rallies against Greek fascists

British Turks braved the cold to join 500 anti-fascism demonstrators outside the Greek embassy in London today. Organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF), the... MORE>>

19/01/2013: İngiltere’deki Türkler Yunan faşistlerine karşı yapılan dayanışma mitinglerine katıldı

İngiltere’deki Türkler, dondurucu soğuğa rağmen, bugün Londra’daki Yunan Büyükelçiliği önünde toplanan... MORE>>

10/01/2013: How cross-border trade in Cyprus works

Following an interesting exchange about cross-border trade with Greek Cypriot economist Alexander Apostolides on Twitter, we asked Kemal Baykalli (KB -... MORE>>

04/01/2013: What Ottoman Santa brought to Cyprus

EU leaders on Santa’s naughty list for erasing 450 years of Turkish history President Demetris Christofias has come under fire from human rights group... MORE>>

04/01/2013: Osmanlı Noel Baba Kıbrısa ne getirdi

450 yıllık Türk tarihini silerek, AB liderler Noel Baba’nın densiz listesine girdiler Kıbrıslı Türk insan hakları grubu Embargoed!,... MORE>>

04/01/2013: The Positive Legacy of Turks in Cyprus

Greek Cypriots are encouraged to see the Ottoman period as barren and barbaric. It may explain why the recent Mapping Cyprus exhibition in Brussels, to... MORE>>

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