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Stop Racism

There is no place for racism in a civilised society. While we all have the right to express ourselves and to protest, this should remain dignified and respectful, avoiding language and imagery that causes offense, fear or hatred of others.

In many other countries around the world, those who incite racial hatred are committing a crime. Stand up to it, report it and ensure those guilty of it are punished.

Even if some people from a particular ethnic background have committed crimes, it is not acceptable to tar everyone with the same brush, nor does past suffering justify inciting racial hatred today. Embargoed! will challenge those groups and individuals who commit hate crimes against Turks or Greeks in the name of protesting about Cyprus.

If you have been the victim of hate crime, contact the police immediately with details. If you live in London, here is a link to an online form to report hate crime: https://online.met.police.uk/report.php

Please also get in touch with us - we will try to help if we can. We are currently working with other organisations to launch a dedicated site to monitor and help tackle racism between Turks and Greeks. Keep visiting here for details.

Last Update:
12th Jan 2018