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Membership is an annual flat rate fee of £10 for all members, irrespective of age or country of residence. Once you join Embargoed!, you will receive:

  • Regular email alerts updating you on our campaign and the latest developments affecting the embargoes issue and North Cyprus
  • Access to special briefings and events

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Embargoed! relies on volunteers for its campaign – we value immensely their efforts, which allows us to continuously punch far above our weight, extending this campaign’s reach and impact.

Given the scope of our campaign, we appreciate it is not possible for people to be involved all the time – we all have work and home commitments. That’s why we welcome volunteers to help out on all aspects of the campaign when they can – the larger the pool of support, the more work we can cover without becoming too burdensome on any one person.

Here are some areas volunteers can provide essential support for the campaign:

Those with good writing skills can send off timely letters on any bias or factual errors we see reported in the media or stated by public figures, or to say thank you for those who are balanced and/or help publicise our campaign
Fundraising – from encouraging more people to join as members, to approaching corporations to donate, or creating activities that enable Embargoed! to generate essential funds
Event management, to help organise seminars and other campaign activities
Information management, researching critical topics or reviewing recent media coverage and sharing with the active members of the group
Lobbying – from face-to-face meetings with politicians, to regular written communications
Online activism – using the reach and power of the internet to drive the campaign forward through comments on Forums, Blogs, and various other social media
If you would like to volunteer, all we ask is that you respect Embargoed!’s core values and campaign aims. Also, if you make a commitment, you should see it through and if you can’t, do let your team leader know as soon as possible so your tasks and responsibilities can be re-allocated to others.

If you have some spare time and would like to volunteer, do get in touch with our executive supporter May, Let her know how you would like to get involved with the campaign.