Stand up – or sit down – for your rights

As reported earlier on Embargoed! Waltham Forest Council – no doubt under pressure from Greek Cypriot and Greek lobby groups – not only lowered the flag of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, but also announced that it was permanently banned and went so far as to apologise – not once, but twice – for … Read more

British Turkish Cypriots to Protest Over Waltham Forest’s Discriminatory Flag Policy & Racist Comments, Thursday 9 December 2021

British Turkish Cypriots will be staging a demonstration outside Waltham Forest Town Hall on Thursday, 9 December, to protest against Council Leader Grace Williams for “discrimination” and “racially” insulting the community.   The protest centres on Cllr Williams’s decision to single out the community by removing their flag after an approved ceremony outside Waltham Forest … Read more

Aşırı sağcılığın kurbanları ve etnik temizlikten kurtulanlar daha iyisini hak ediyor. Kıbrıslı Türklere verilen cezaya son verme zamanı gelmiştir

Geçmis Ingiliz Hava Kuvvetleri Komutanı Mareşal Sir Michael Graydon, GCB, CBE ve Ambargoed! başkanı Fahri Zihni arasında bugün YouTube’da dikkate değer bir tartışma yapıldı. Lütfen şurda seyrediniz ( İngiliz Hava Kuvvetlerinin zirvesine giden yolda, genç bir Kraliyet Hava Kuvvetleri subayı olarak Kıbrıs’ta görev yapan Sir Michael, adayı, ve Kıbrıslı Rum ve Kıbrıslı Türkleri 50 yıllık … Read more

Cypriot greed and the curse of Goddess Hail-Umi

‘Bars’ of precious white gold were once piled high Article by Fahri Zihni, Chair, Embargoed! May 23, 2021 Cyprus Mail We made a mint from our cheese of white gold until the Hell-Loonies and the Eyu had their say Hail-Umi, the goddess of creation, knew she had committed gluttony. She knew that she should not … Read more

What the hellim PDO means for Turkish Cypriots. Turkish Cypriots know only too well the fate of their hellim/halloumi. They fear it will join a long list of other products the Greek Cypriot government gets to reject

On April 26, 2004 EU foreign ministers resolved to end the economic isolation of Turkish Cypriots, dating back 40 years to 1964. The Turkish Cypriot community was overjoyed. Within a few days, the Green Line Regulation (GLR), which allows for trade between the north and south of the island came into effect. Turkish Cypriots were no … Read more

Hellimin coğrafi tescili, Kıbrıslı türklere ne ifade ediyor? Hellim, Kibris Rum hükümetinin reddedeceği diğer ürünlerin uzun listesine mi katılacak?

26 Nisan 2004’te Avrupa Birliği (AB) dışişleri bakanları, Kıbrıslı Türklerin 40 yıl öncesine, 1964’e kadar uzanan ekonomik izolasyonunu sona erdirmeye karar verdiler. Kıbrıs Türk toplumu bu gelişmeye çok sevindi.  Birkaç gün içerisinde, adanın kuzeyi ve güneyi arasında ticarete izin veren Yeşil Hat Tüzüğü (YHT) yürürlüğe girdi. Kıbrıslı Türkler artık Avrupa ile ticaretin dışında değillerdi ve … Read more

Caught between obstructive Cyprus government and dismissive European court

Embargoed! is very pleased to see that the story of Esat Mustafa’s fight for his property is published in Cyprus Mail. He is a much respected member of the London Turkish Cypriot community, and a former Treasurer of Embargoed!. The Vroisha Primary School pictured in 2004. By Esat Mustafa In March 1964, following intercommunal fighting, … Read more

Embargoed! AGM January 2020

Embargoed had a successful Annual General Meeting and Fahri Zihni, James Clements and Muhsin Mustafa were elected as officers.

Burger King officially begins operating in Northern Cyprus

DHA Photo A Report by Daily Sabah, 3/12/19 Fast food giant Burger King has officially begun to operate in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), breaking the long-running commercial embargo, blocking attempts and restrictions imposed by the Greek Cypriots. For the past 20 years, the U.S. fast food chain has been operating in the … Read more