Embargoed! meets with TRNC Ministry for foreign Affairs to discuss embargoes

        Embargoed! paid a visit to the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs where a number of issues relating to human rights and embargoes were discussed. Fahri Zihni & Nejla Clements were also delighted to meet a founder member of Embargoed!, Gulfem Veziroglu-Sevgili. Mr Gunes Onar, Undersecretary for the department hosted the meeting.

Embargoed! Team meets TRNC Representative Oya Tuncali

. Fahri Zihni, Chair, James Clements, Treasurer, Muhsin Mustafa, Secretary and Nejla Clements, activist met TRNC Ambassador Oya Tuncali to discuss latest developments in North Cyprus. This included feedback from the latest Symposium on embargoes, direct flights issue and other projects.  

Embargoed! Team meets TRNC Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Ozersay

Fahri Zihni, Chair, James Clements, Treasurer, Muhsin Musatfa, Secretary and Nejla Clements, activist  met TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Ozersay at the TRNC London Office to discuss embargoes and agreed an action plan to address them. Also present were Zehra Basaran, TRNC Ambassador and former Ambassador Oya Tuncali. Mr Ozersay was … Read more

Embargoed! asked to welcome Teams at CONIFA World Cup 2018

Today, the first day of Conifa World Cup 2018 was attended by  members of Embargoed! Fahri Zihni, Chair, was pleased to welcome the two teams playing in the afternoon at the Enfield Town Football Club – Northern Cyprus and Karpatalya. He wished both teams well with the game, and said “Whichever team wins, we are all winners … Read more

Embargoed! AGM 2017-18 Elects Officers

Embargoed! had a very successful Annual General Meeting today and re-elected officers as below: Position of Chairperson                          Fahri Zihni Position of Secretary                               Muhsin Mustafa Position of Treasurer                               James Clements Position of European Co-ordinator      Jeannemarie Douglas

Embargoed! meets Conifa to help facilitate the London World Cup 2018!

Fahri Zihni, Chair of Embargoed!, was delighted to meet Sascha Düerkop, General Secretary of Conifa to offer our support for the Conifa World Cup 2018 football tournament in London. This is a tournament which gives a platform to all the “unrecognised” people of the world. He said “The two co-founders of Conifa, Sascha Düerkop and … Read more