Stand up – or sit down – for your rights

As reported earlier on Embargoed! Waltham Forest Council – no doubt under pressure from Greek Cypriot and Greek lobby groups – not only lowered the flag of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, but also announced that it was permanently banned and went so far as to apologise – not once, but twice – for … Read more

Cypriot greed and the curse of Goddess Hail-Umi

‘Bars’ of precious white gold were once piled high Article by Fahri Zihni, Chair, Embargoed! May 23, 2021 Cyprus Mail We made a mint from our cheese of white gold until the Hell-Loonies and the Eyu had their say Hail-Umi, the goddess of creation, knew she had committed gluttony. She knew that she should not … Read more