Embargoed! writes to The Guardian: Why are you misrepresenting Turkish Cypriot women?

Helena Smith wrote on 6th January 2018 that “the majority (of Turkish Cypriots) abhor the idea of women wearing headscarves”, yet the picture chosen on 8th January to report on recent elections in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus Parliament depicts two women in headscarves, at a poling station.  Why this attempt to misrepresent Turkish … Read more

Embargoed! Başkanı Fahri Zihni – BRTK 4. Boyut Programına Katıldı

Embargoed grubu başkanı Fahri Zihni, Ergün Olgun’un sunup yönettiği 4. Boyut programına katılarak, Kıbrıs Türk halkına uygulanan izolasyonlar ve Embargoed grubu’nun bu konuda yaptığı mücadelelerden bahsetti. İzlemek için buraya tıklayın.  

Embargoed! “Cyprus Talks” Property Report – July 2017

The following Press Release on this landmark report was issued on 27 July 2017: A viable roadmap on land and property is fundamental to ending the decades-old Cyprus Problem and avoiding future conflict. That is the conclusion of a detailed study by Embargoed!, a London based human rights group. The comprehensive report, released today (link), … Read more

Embargoed! Executive Team 2017

Embargoed! Executive Team elected at the recent AGM as below. Fahri Zihni, Chair Jeannne-Marie Douglass, EU Liaison Officer James Clements, Treasurer Muhsin Mustafa, Secretary

EU Hellim/Halloumi export regulations won’t work for Turkish Cypriots

  The European Commission has been told its proposals to regulate the trade in Hellim/Halloumi, the traditional cheese of Cyprus,  are “not sufficient to safeguard the interests of Turkish Cypriots and not in keeping with the new positive spirit of the Peace Talks.” The respected Turkish Cypriot pressure group Embargoed! says the appointment of maritime … Read more

New Embargoed Committee 2015 with Baroness Meral Ece

The new Embargoed! Committee for 2005 was elected at the AGM. Photo L-R: John Oakes (EU Liaison), Muhsin Mustafa (Secretary), Baroness Meral Ece (Supporter), Fahri Zihni (Chair) and Esat Mustafa (Treasurer)

Call to action! Help us lobby the Glasgow Commonwealth Games this summer

Imagine if you, your nephew, your daughter, or your grandchild is an outstanding sprinter. Could take on the best in the world. Could set world records, set the world alight. But it’s impossible, held back because of being a Turkish Cypriot. The 2014 Commonwealth Games take place in Glasgow this summer and despite athletes from … Read more

Embargoed! Members Attend the third World Congress of Turkish Cypriots

MEMBERS of Embargoed!’s executive committee were invited to attend the third World Congress of Turkish Cypriots in North Cyprus last month (November). Chair Fevzi Hussein and Secretary Suzanne Nuri along with Embargoed! members John Oakes and Izzet Sinan (invited independently),all made the trip to North Cyprus on 21 November where the Congress was held at … Read more

Historic provisional agreement reached in Zurich for Turkish Cypriot Footballers

Leader of the Turkish Cypriot Football Association (CTFA) Hasan Sertoğlu has today (5.11.13) signed a historic (provisional) agreement with his Cyprus Football Assocation (CFA) counterpart Costakis Koutsokoumis, and Michel Platini and FIFA head Sepp Blatter after ongoing talks at the FIFA HQ in Zurich. Under the arrangement, the CTFA becomes a member of the CFA … Read more